Where are the dogs located?
Our dogs are located throughout the state, from mountains to coast.  We do not have a shelter where they are all housed, but have them in foster homes and boarding facilities throughout the state.

How much does it cost to adopt?
Adoption fees vary, based upon the age of the dog.  Puppies 8 weeks old to 1 year are $400 (plus a $100 rebate for  pups not yet spayed or neutered; rebate will be provided upon proof of surgery).  Dogs ages 1-5 years are $300.  Dogs 6-7 years are $200. Dogs ages 8 and up are $100.

Who can I call to get more information about a specific dog?
Please do not call any of the contact numbers on our webpage.  They are to be utilized for intakes/surrenders only.  The information we have about the dog is located in the dog's profile, found both on Facebook and on Petfinder.  The information provided about each dog has been articulated as the rescue feels necessary, and upon approval of your application, you can be provided with further information about a dog in which you may be interested. 

Can you hold a dog for me?
No. Our foster homes are frequently full and we cannot hold a dog for an interested party or for an approved applicant.  

How long does this process take?
Every applicant's experience is different.  Please remember that all of our volunteers are giving their time to Tarheel Weimaraner Rescue after spending their days at their paid jobs.  Upon submission of your application, a Placement Officer will contact you within 2 weeks and will discuss our process with you. 

I want a dog today.  Can I come pick one up?
No.  If your hope is to bring home a dog today, we encourage you to check your local Shelter as they will allow applicants to take home a dog the same day.  Our volunteers dedicate their time to thoroughly review each applicant to ensure that our dogs are going to the best homes.  This process does take time and we believe that any applicant who is willing to undergo this process, understanding the lack of immediate gratification, recognizes the needs of the dogs are being put first.   

Is this dog still available?
Our websites are updated daily-including adding "adoption pending."  If the dog is listed on Petfinder or is still under "We're Available" on Facebook, then the dog is available.  Please understand that submission of your application does not guarantee approval, nor placement of the specific dog you identified in your application. 

I'm not from NC.  Can I adopt one of your dogs?
We do allow out of state adoption to approved homes on a case by case basis.  We do expect that you will come to NC to the location of the dog to meet the dog, and expect that if at anytime during the life of the dog you are no longer able to keep the Weim, we expect you to contact one of our Intake Officers and return the dog to NC to be returned to our Rescue. 

I don't have a fence.  Should I even bother applying?
We do not require a fence to adopt our dogs, but some specific dogs may require them (as indicated in their profile).  Fences are a wonderful way to increase security and safety for dogs, but the most athletic Weims can even hop a 6 foot fence, so please keep in mind that a fence is not a substitute for supervision.  Also due to the high prey drive of this breed, electric fences are often ineffective for Weims.

Do they have to be indoor dogs?
YES!  This breed is meant to be indoors and kept as pets, not as outdoor guard dogs.  Adoptive homes are REQUIRED to keep TWR dogs as indoor family members.